Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 2 May 2017 T for crosses, drinks, stamps and a donkey

Hello peeps,
It's Tuesday again. Are you all coming to the T-party? Elizabeth hosts T for Tuesday at  Altered Book Lover, so please join us with a blogpost with a drink in it.

I have several drinks to show you, but first I would like to share a few more photos from my photo club outing last week.

As we walked past, this donkey just popped his head out of the window. Gotcha! Donkeys are still used here by the older people on their land and seeing a donkey in the village is quite normal.

When they are not working their little patches of land, the older folk often do this sort of basket weaving. My neighbour does it too and he sometimes gives me something he made. On our walk last week we saw this:
Someone probably knew we were coming along with about 90 people and saw an opportunity.
I rather like the bottle holder and behold my first drink for the T-party:
The photoclub does a sort of a challenge every month with a theme. The theme this month was 'red' and this is my entry:
Of course I was at the bottom of the league table, but that doesn't matter. It was my first attempt and I have already learnt quite a bit.

Ok, what's been happening here in Spain? This weekend was the May cross festival. Everywhere in the village people, businesses and associations decorate a cross. Some outside on public squares, some indoors in businesses or clubs. 
Sunday morning we got up early to go to a certain bar/restaurant here in the village that does lovely churros 

(I featured them last week I think). On Sundays they do them from 7-11 in the morning. We went there early, before going to church. As it was the May Crosses festival, the bar had a cross in it too, representing something 'foodie' items and something typical of the area.
The name of the bar is El Patio de Angela.
The first glass is a bit wonky (purposely?)
A pair of flamenco dancing shoes (size cutesy small).
My friend works in the main hospital in Granada in the department for vascular surgery. This is theirs:
As per usual there are artifacts typical of the region and the board with the dancing lady is for the nurses to have fun with as there is a hole to put your face in.
They even had a plaque made for the occasion.

Now, lets not forget my postcard today. This week I received three from Russia. This is one of them:
It had some gorgeous stamps on it:
The triangular stamp is about Arts and crafts: shawls.

The green one is from 2010: Culture of Peoples of Russia - Head dresses of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kamchat burek.

The one on the right is from 2009 with another head dress: Culture of Russian People - National Head dress - Middle of XIX Century, Nizhniy Novgorod Province.

The card was sent to me by Liuba who lives in the Siberian city of Tomsk. She writes about the main event each spring when the main river that runs through her town reopens from the ice. She writes:"It happened with a lot of noise and cracking. The blocks of ice carry to the shore. Interesting and impressive sight."

I think I'll leave it at that. 
Happy T-Day all!


  1. I love that donkey who poked out his head. Donkeys are rather cute-or at least this one is. :) Happy T day Lisca. Hope its a wonderful one. Hugs-Erika

  2. Love all the festival decorations in the village, and the sound of the churros. Glad you are having fun with the photo group. Love the donkey sticking its head out of the window! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love the donkey photo too, your photo group sounds fun! as always I love your postcards, and I find your posts so interesting thank you
    Happy T Day Kathy

  4. the donkey alone would have made my day! love These basket weavings and it is always so interesting to hear about the many religious and other traditions you have there!
    happy t-day, lisca!

  5. I think the donkey is the star of the photos, they always seem to have the look that makes you want to smile.
    The photos from the outing and festival all looked amazing. The festivals seem so colourful. the towns and villages must so enjoy getting together to make them a success.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  6. The donkey grinning at us made me smile so much that I had to show my hubby - I love it! It looks like you had a fun time at your photo group, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos :-) . Now that's what I call a window, the postcard is so lovely and I always enjoy finding out about the postage stamps too! Happy T Day! J :-)

  7. Hello donkey!!! Donkeys make me smile... Most especially when i hear one bray... it just seems to take everything they have to bray and it makes me smile...The cross with the peppers is just amazing.. The basketweaving is wonderful... living there has it influenced you to do any weaving?? Happy T day hugs Lisca!! deb

  8. That festival would be fun to participate in, and I'd enjoy creating my own addition I know :) It's interesting to see the variety of offerings.

    I do really appreciate the baskets! Such craftsmanship! The picnic possibilities are what strike me first :)

    Happy T Tuesday (and also to the donkey ;) )

  9. You have such interesting sights and events to share! Love the decorated crosses and basket weaving as well as the stamps and postcard! I always think stamps are such marvelous works of art. Happy T Day!

  10. love that donkey photo what an interesting post

  11. Happy T day and thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs of your day out. Lots of great colours and images to catch you eye and food and drink as well that looks very tasty

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. Fun photos, Lisca. The basket weaving looks very well done. I like the wine carrier as well. The Russian stamps are very unusual. A triangle shape is unusual. I love the XIX century headress. It's quite beautiful.

    Happy T-day, Lisca! Hugs, Eileen

  13. Oh how the donkey made me smile! I loved seeing photos of the baskets and your food! The cross festival looks very colourful! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. I love the donkey's smile. You can't help but smile back. All the pictures on your blog are so colorful and cheerful. Happy Day AFter T Day