Friday, 11 November 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 11 Nov 2016 - Friday Smiles (photo heavy)

Good Morning! 

It's Friday and I have loads to share (photo heavy I warn you).

First of all my postcard. It is a postcard sent to me from Germany but it features beach huts in Vlissingen, in my home country The Netherlands. I am posting this card as it makes me happy just to look at the colours and think of beaches... ahhh....
The stamps are nice too:
The large stamp shows Corvey Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Westphalia.

What has been happening here? What have I been up to? What made me smile this week?
Well this weekend there was lots going on in our village. One of the things was the annual horse fair. 

There are stalls and demonstrations as well as the usual horse dealing. There was a display that I would have loved to see but it was at a time that we were at church. But a friend called Jose Ramon took some photos that I share here:

Dressage is the thing they are good at here in Andalucia:
That Sunday was also my grandson's second birthday. He lives in Italy so I couldn't join in the celebrations. They did send me lots of photos though. Here are a few:

He had an adult party as they do in Italy, when the whole family comes together.

The drum set must have been one of his presents. I hope mummy has ear plugs!

On Tuesday morning we woke up to a white world! Yes, snow! In our neck of the woods there is very little autumn. The weather sometimes changes from summer to winter in a week.
The fig tree in front of the house had snow on its leaves. Very unusual:

So I got my winter clothes out, long sleeved things and a jacket etc. And my hubby lit the fire. Oh I love it when the fire is on. We have a dual burner that burns wood (in the main bit), or almond shells (in the hopper thing on the side) which we mix with crushed olive pips. 

The top of the stove has a little oven, just big enough for one dish. I cooked in there for the last two days.

Yesterday I cooked sausage, leek and potato casserole. It was very nice indeed. 

Everything washed down with a drop of red wine of course!

Phew! That was a marathon of photographs! If you made it this far I really appreciate it.

I'm not going to let you go yet! I plan to link up with Virginia at Rocking your world Friday to share my week, and as I will be linking up with Annie at Friday Smiles, I will share something funny:
I'm sure some of us can identify with this next scenario....
Have a very happy and smiley Friday!


  1. Thanks so much for all your lovely photos this week Lisca. Our dear old friend died last night so she is now at peace thankfully so I really appreciated your lovely comments today. Thank you.
    Annie x

  2. Great post Lisca but I have to say the horses are amazing, how lucky are you to have that going on in your village. Have a lovely weekend, Angela x

  3. Ah Lisca what a fab post, I can't imagine snow in spain, I'm assuming you are quite high up! Your grandson looks like he was having a fabulous birthday - although i don't think I'd have coped with the drums either!

    Loving the horse festival photos and the one of your fire with the gorgeous food cooking - I bet it smelt amazing!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


    1. Yes, that is 1220m altitud. I live near Granada, where there is a ski resort.

  4. Wow-what an exciting week. The horse photos are just amazing! It looks so exotic to me because I don't live in Spain. I love seeing the culture and customs of places far away. And snow. I am glad it was you and not me because we will be dumped upon soon enough! :) And your grandson is adorable. I bet you would have loved to have been there because it looks like a wonderful celebration for him. What a cutie. Have a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  5. Hi Lisca
    The horse show is fabulous, I'm glad you were given the pictures. We've had snow to this week brrr.
    Thanks for popping by, glad you liked my events of the week.
    The chair wasn't mine originally, it was going to the tip and I bought it after it had been brought back to life.
    Have a great week, keep warm
    Lynn xx

  6. Happy Friday Lisca, and a wonderful lot of photos. Can't believe you've had snow but I expect you're the exact opposite to us and it's really started our tropical wet season this week, lots of clouds, more humidity and no rain. But must say even though we live in a hot climate I do so miss lighting up the fire and your's is a wonderful setup with the oven on top and a glass of red to go with the dinner very nice. Have a wonderful week cheers Robyn

  7. Lovely post, Lisca. I so enjoyed all your photos of the horse fair - they are wonderful. It's hard to imagine snow in Spain but how perfect that you have your woodburning stove to keep you cosy. While we burn wood and peat here in Scotland you burn almond shells and olive pips - so exotic! Have a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth xx

  8. There is sooo much going on in your life! I was fascinated by the stove you use.... & also the SNOW!! That is amazing. Lovely photo, too :)

  9. Wow. Snow already Lisca! It is cooler here but I am happy to say the snow doesn't ever quite reach us.
    The horse show looks interesting. The Spanish do love their horses and they have some beautiful beasts.
    I like the row of beach-huts on your card. There is row of of huts on Bournemouth sea front, where my sister lives, that follow all through the colours of the rainbow, though in more muted shades than yours, and I love to walk along there to see them.
    Happy birthday to your grandson. No doubt whoever bought the drum kit will be regretting it soon!
    I like the little oven over the fire. What a sensible way to share the heat. The best thing about winter here is all the soups, stews and casseroles we can enjoy again. Kate x