Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WOYWW 298 New layout, new stash and new bedsocks!

Hello deskhoppers, it's wednesday again and time for our 'snoop fest' where we look at other people's desks to see what they are up to. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, go visit Julia's blog where it is all explained: )

Thank you all of you who have visited me last week. If you want to see the final result of the scrapbook page I was doing, I've posted it on the previous blog page.

So here's my desk. 
I've started to do a new layout. It's got 4 photos of my dad from 1955 that I scanned. My mum gave me a whole pack of stuff of my dad's from WW2. He was picked up and taken to Germany to do forced labour. He wrote a note to my mum to say he was OK when he was transported in the cattle train. It was smuggled out and now I have it! There are pictures of the lager he was in and German ration cards. Also registration cards from the Allied Forces when he was liberated eventually. Very interesting stuff. I will write a separate blog about that soon.

You can see my red tin with 'distress stuff'. I only have a few ink pads but I've recently bought a mini set (see further down). The thing that says: Travel-lite is a day light lamp. I suffer from SAD syndrome which means I get depressed if I don't get enough sun or even day light, so on days that I don't go out I sit in front of this lamp (only in the morning as it sets one's body clock. If I used it in the evening I would have difficulty sleeping).

I mentioned new stash, well, here it is:
A bottle of crackle paint, a spray can of fixative, a pipette, chalkboard paint and the above mentioned mini-set of distress ink. This came from a Spanish website 'Mi Tienda De Arte'. They deliver the next day. Great.

Now for the bed socks:
A friend's mother in Holland made these. I love them! I never thought I'd ever use bed socks but.... it's bliss. (and my hubby doesn't mind). We have continental duck down duvets. They are gorgeously warm and they mold themselves around your body but of course they are not tucked in at the bottom and somehow during the night I get cold feet. Not anymore!

Finally: You might have noticed a different badge on the side column. I have started a new virtual walk. ( I've finished the Wonderland trail and now I'm doing the Florida Keys trail which goes from Key West to Key Largo and a bit into Florida too. 

Well, thanks for visiting and I'll try and 'do the rounds' in the course of the week and visit as many as I have time for.
Have a good week


  1. Wow Lisca how interesting to have all the memorabilia from your Dad's war days. It sounds as if his is a great story to tell. If you read my post this week you may recommend a light box for me too! I've been seriously down in the dumps! Here's to the Spring!

    Lynda B 18

  2. I haven't got my usual day with the twins today as it's half term hols here but I'm off for a fun few hours with all 5 of my Grandies at Amy's later so am catching up with my fav blogs before I go. :-)
    How special to have such memories from your Father's life. Those bed sock are fab.....I hate cold feet too.
    Annie x # 22

  3. I find if my feet are warm, I can sleep really well...I wear any old socks for that purpose on cold nights...your bedsocks are truly luxurious aren't they!
    The photos and stories from your fathers War experiences are fascinating and priceless of course. I wonder how much he shared with you when you were growing up, probably not much..they seemed different people.

  4. Good morning, Lisca. What a lovely scrapbook page. A real tribute to your dad.
    I occasionally succumb to bedsocks, too. (Whatever are we admitting to on-line here??) But it is SO much easier to sleep with warm feet. I normally find I need to kick them off in the middle of the night though!
    Enjoy your virtual walks. Popped over to see them - goodness! Quite a challenge.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. Hello Lisca,

    I went and had a look at your last layout and it is wonderful, good for you persevering. I wear bedsocks all the time, my feet always get cold and during the night or day I kick them off when warm enough. Love your socks too. I never knew about the virtual walks, I might have to scoot off and have a look, I want to travel so much and I will have to do it on my own which doesn't matter to me, I just need the gumption to actually do it. One day I will travel. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful time playing with your new supplies.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #2

  6. Hi Lisca, what an interesting post. Such lovely memorabilia. Nice new goodies too. I love feather duvets/pillows, unfortunately, they don't like me! I'm allergic, end up feeling like I've got a terrible head cold. Awesome bed socks, I usually have at least one foot out of bed, or I get too hot, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

  7. How amazing to be able to scrap your family history. I have never heard about the light box but of course it makes sense. Hope you have a great time planning your virtual walks.
    sandra de @3

  8. You always write such interesting posts! I adore popping by and seeing what's up. Man, you are going to have a BALL with your Dad's war memorabilia.....& how fitting, with all those anniversaries coming up.....loooove your new stash items, too :):)

  9. Bedsocks!!! Thats what I need to make next!! :)

  10. Your WW2 ephemera sounds really interesting - I'll look out for your blog post about them. I've read a couple of novels recently set during WW2 - I'm always amazed that it wasn't that long ago - some of my relatives lived through those years as well. Of course, being Hungarian, we were on the wrong side of the war. Funny, how this doesn't matter any more, still millions of people lost their lives because of it. Yay for the bed socks! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #25

  11. Happy WOYWW. I usually start the night wearing bed socks, but then tend to get too hot later on and then have to remove them. Interesting layout. My mum has done our family history and has lots of photos from 'way back'. Virtual walking - that sounds good. Will go and investigate. Ali x #43

  12. That box of WWII things sounds really interesting. I was going through a box of photos from my father's childhood the other day. I wish he had been into scrapbooking so I would know the stories behind the photos. Happy WOYWW Shel-PaperOctilloStudio #42

  13. Your Dad's things sound amazing. Lucky you that your Mum kept them. I had similar things of Hubby's grandfather when he went to Canada to work. I scrapbooked them but they can be lifted it out as they are only on "loan" from Hubby's Mum (not that I think she will ever want them back but it is good to be able to read the backs also). I used photocorners.
    Nice new stash. Love those socks. Want some now.
    Hugs Hettie 54

  14. What a fun post, you've covered a variety of interesting things. Loving the bedsocks. It's so cold here today I might need them tonight -25 and terrible winds, our snow blew away. Have fun with all you've shared.

  15. Those bed socks are fab. I've looked at your finished page it's super. Read about your son. Sad you didn't see him for s long. He is very handsome and the baby is so sweet. Hope your relationships just grows and grows. Life can be so difficult at times can't it? Hope you have a lovely week. Anne x #65

  16. lots going gone here. I'm glad the light helps your SAD, I think I have a bit of that this winter. Love the bed socks. Keep warm!
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 17

  17. It is great you found some companies for art supply. It is so much fun getting new stuff.
    I also have such a day light lamp, it is a great help.
    I just checked the walking4fun page, a really unusual idea.
    I also inherited tons of old photos and am still pondering about what to do with them. Most of them are from people I don't know, which makes it easier for me to incorporate them in my art.
    Those bed socks are gorgeous, beautiful pattern.
    Thank you for your earlier visit and your kind words. Luna and I are getting better, hope for next week.

  18. Hi Lisca, love companies that dispatch quickly, nothing worse than having to wait ages for the order. Gorgeous socks! Hope everything's good with you.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 34

  19. It's so much fun to get new art goodies in the mail! The bed socks that your friend made for you look very warm and cozy. Have blessed week, mi amiga!

  20. What unique treasures you must have from your dad. How interesting. Oh, and your diagnosis of SAD is intriguing, I often profess that I'm solar powered. I definitely have more energy when the sun's out... not sure how a solar lamp would effect that. Have fun with your new goodies!!

  21. I can so identify with your layout about your Dad, Lisca, after making the album about my Dad last year - every part of doing it brought the lovely memories flooding back, and making it was like a memorial to him and it really helped my grieving process. I love your beautiful bedsocks - quite a complicated pattern I think! and all that great new stash. New stash always gives a craftygirl's heart a lift, doesn't it.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and for your kind words, good wishes, and above all, your prayers. Things have been extremely stressful here with Mum these past few days and I've not been feeling well at all. Not the sort of preparation I need for my operation. Yesterday's meeting up with Shaz and her hubby was so great and really helped.


  22. How very special to have those photos and documents! I did get a lot of photos of my ancestors and scrapped part of those when I was still scrapbooking (years ago) Last weekend, my son and girlfriend visited us and had great fun going throught those albums, which made me think I should make a few more layouts.. I got all inspired by their smiles watching the pics and layouts. I might 'pick up' scrapbooking every now and then again! Thanks for stopping at my blog last week. I'm waaay late with my visits (but at least all the housekeeping work that I was whining about last week is done, YAY!) Happy belated woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #39