Saturday, 14 February 2015

I had to let go (scrapbook page)

In spite of my mojo still being on holiday, I made myself make a scrapbook page. I know from experience that I just have to start. At some point my mojo will come back when he sees I’m working without him!

Some of you have asked to see my new washi tape in action and there it is under the photo. Well, at least one of the tapes. I bought several (see previous blog). 

Olive green was in the palette of the CSI challenge that I like to to. (Colors, Stories and Inspiration.

I tried to do ‘messy’ but the whole thing didn’t come together. Oh well... still waiting for Mr Mojo.

The photo was taken in 1989 when my son was living with his dad in Italy. He and his childminder spent a summer with me. I have many good memories from that summer.

The journaling reads:
“When I divorced your father I had to let go of you too. That was hard. A mother has to let go at some stage but you were 12 years old and that was difficult. In the summer of 1989 you came to visit me in Rotterdam with your former childminder Lilla. That was the last time I saw you until you were an adult twelve years later.”

My son is now 39 years old and we are gradually building our relationship again. He and his wife now have a baby boy, whom I hope to meet next month when we travel to Italy.

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  1. We all have such stories in our lives! This is a happy-sad one, but a great one to get down. My son was asked by his Dad when he was 13 to go live with him..... & I had no choice but to let him make that decision. In the end he stayed with us. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you, only having had a glimmer of the difficulty. I'm GLAD you're in touch again:) And it's a lovely page.....the tape looks great & I really like the way you've done the title up top!!! The only thing I would have done differently [if you don't mind others' inputs?] would have been to have splashed the yummy paint strokes under the photo layers as well....but you know me. Always too bold in my scrapping!!! So maybe not!

    1. I hadn't realised you had gone through a similar scenario. It must be difficult for children to have to choose between mum or dad. My boy chose his country (Italy) over a country he didn't know the language of (Holland) which I can understand. But yes, it was difficult. I felt a failure (as a wife and as a mother). It took years to get over that and without the Lord's mercy and grace I would never have made it.
      I do appreciate input as I learn from other people. Do you mean the red paint sticking out from under the photo instead of the green?

    2. Sorry Lisca! Just came back.....yep, God is GOOD..we just gotta give Him the chance eh? I think most of us have stories of one form or another. I think the scariest was when my ex 'stole' my kids. They were only 3 & 5. Ended up all great., you're right. With God, we MORE than just 'cope'. Eventually!!!! ANYWAYS...side tracked. Yes, I did mean that, the red :) Keep warm!!! We're trying to keep cool over here!!!

  2. Your story is so sad, I cannot imagine how heartbroken you must have been when your son couldn't live with you. I pray that your relationship will grow strong and that you will get to enjoy your grand baby. I am sure making this page was bittersweet but also therapeutic xx

    1. Thanks Lynette. Yes, it was very therapeutic. Having said that, the Lord in His mercy did a lot of healing over the years.

  3. Ah Lisca I can't imagine having to let a child go like that. Life is so hard sometimes and it is wonderful to hear that you have reconnected. I hope that you build the relationship I know that you would want. A precious memory recorded so beautiful... Love this layout and the raw journalling.

  4. Your son is so handsome, and the baby is adorable. I hope with all my heart that you all can forge the kind of relationship that you would love to have. My very young grandchildren are being badgered by their father to go and live with him. He is causing them to be so sad and mixed up. Unhappy things happen and are so difficult to deal with. But we must, mustn't we? I like your page. I think Lizzy's suggestion is a good one. Sometimes another pair of eyes to see differently than our own is just what we need . :) Happy WOYWW Lisca.