Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOYWW 292 - Three kings and a potato salad

WOYWW 292 Three kings and a potato salad

Happy New year everyone!

This is the potato salad I make every New Year’s Eve. (The pink colour is due to the beetroot.) We had it at midnight with a glass of champagne.

 It’s Wednesday so that means we bloghop from one desk to the next (See Julia’s blog if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I’m sure we’ve all got hopes and expectations for the new year, even resolutions and targets. My promise to myself is that I’m going to have a go at mixed media! I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to get messy. 

I’ve joined The Original Documented Life Project™ and here on my desk is the start of my first art journal page, which is drying. The theme for January is: How to face a blank page, and the art challenge this week is: use book paper.
My whole desk looks like this:

I’m doing a scrapbook page for the CSI challenge which is due in a couple of days.

Spot the out of place item.... 

baby bottle teats. Someone (I can’t find who it was... sorry...) had written about using baby bottle teats to cap glue bottles so that they don’t dry out. I watched a video too and it looked like a brilliant idea, so I went out to buy said teats. (see photo) But I got a shock when I saw the price! 7.50 Euros! That’s more than the glue! So I won’t do that again (and I’m too shy to take them back, besides it’s half an hour’s drive into town).

Yesterday was Three Kings (Los Reyes) festival here in Spain. Important for the children as that’s when they get their presents.  Wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus. Popular legend have us believe it were three kings although this is not biblical. There are usually  parades with ‘kings’ throwing sweets to the children in the streets. In the bigger towns the parades are really spectacular, but here in our village it is all a bit more modest....

That’s it for today folks, thanks for visiting. I’ll try and visit as many as I can over the course of the week.


  1. It's another day of juggling for me today....I have Lexi one side of me building with the Knex and Sam is the other side doing jigsaws so I'm popping round some of my favourite blogs while they play happily 😃
    I must be honest and say I was wondering why you had a nice fruity pudding on lettuce leaves but when you mentioned beetroot it all made sense 😃
    Annie x. #20

  2. I was all geared up to join WOWW this year - & already I've slipped up... aaah well- least I can get my fix visiting yours!!! Loove the art journal idea.... NEVER seen pink spud salad!!!!!! New festival for me, too:):) hope that house is coming along!!!

  3. Potato salad & beet root looks lovely . You've got plenty to keep you busy with your crafting projects. Happy woyww Jill #10

  4. Art journal idea sounds great and I am sure you will love mixed media. So many tips on you tube. Is there a tradition about eating potato salad on NYE? Looks great.
    sandra de @14

  5. I'm so excited that you decided to delve into mixed media, Lisca! You'll have so much fun! I'm doing the DLP too - though on a smaller scale in an A5 journal. A promising start to your first page! I might see you in their Facebook group! That potato salad is making me hungry! Well, it is lunch time after all, but I'll make do with a sandwich instead! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #27

  6. Hi Lisca!! Sounds like you are going to be busy. I hadn't heard about the bottle teats but will look on google - that does sound expensive though!! Loving the look of that salad! Happy WOYWW Cindy #44

  7. The Tres Reyes festival is always fun..we've been at a couple in Torrevieja and really enjoyed ourselves, mind you, it's quite a big procession of floats...and lots of handsome Reyes!
    Well and good for you about your mixed media intentions, I bet you will enjoy the journey. Ack, the cost of bottle teats is a bit of a shock!

  8. Hi Lisca! Nice to see you started your first page for DLP, very promising! Did you have a look at the facebook site? Many inspirations already! I think it will be a lot of fun.
    Your salad looks very delicious! My mother used to make that too on NYE. I have no traditions concerning that.
    Gabriele 29

    1. Thanks Gabriele. I can't find the DLP Facebook site. What is it called?

  9. That pink potato salad looks very interesting. I have not yet tried mixed media, but would also like to give it a go.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  10. the potato salad looks yummy! hope you enjoy your adventure with mixed media, and enjoy the DLP - I watched lots of people take part last year. Helen 9

  11. The Three Kings festival used to be celebrated in England too as Epiphany, but not these's only remembered as Twelfth Night, when everyone takes their decorations down! Glad you enjoyed the parade...your potato salad looks delicious too :-)
    Thanks for dropping by, glad I made you laugh!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  12. Your potato salad looks yummy. My NYE did not go quite as planned! I always wait until Epihany to take down decorations because to me it is still Christmas until then! I joined DLP last year but have not completed all the challenges yet. Going to try to. Happy 2015 Anne x #23

  13. I love potato salad and beets, but have never had them in the same dish. It sounds delicious, so I may have to look up a recipe for them. I grew up in Mexico and have family in Barcelona, so I'm very familiar with the Reyes Magos. As a matter of fact, I had each of my 2 university age daughters put out one of their shoes by our Nativity scene so the Reyes could leave them some cash. LOL! Anyway, have fun working on your project life pages. Happy WOYWW and… ¡Próspero Año Nuevo! #75

  14. Pink potato salad.... interesting and pretty too.
    you don't have to paint for DLP.... you can use anything you like but its a great way to try new mediums. I used all types of things last year

  15. Hi Lisca, that salad looks yuummy!
    Interesting Life project.Look forward to seeing it evolve.
    The wax paper is waxed lunch wrap. It is hard to get here now too. You can run candle grease over die before you use it if you have no wax paper. I can't think what else you could use.I'll keep looking though!
    Judy #7

  16. I was very impressed with the potato salad. It was beautiful. I have several friends who are doing the DLP, so if you want to get into mixed media, I'm sure it's a good place to start. For me, it was a bit too pricey, since I don't have a lot of the products they want you to buy.

    I was glad to see your Three Kings festival. I've heard about it, but never saw one before.

    I really enjoyed your CSI scrapbook page. I once created an entire altered book with the CSI theme. Loads of fun and your page brought back lots of memories.

    Happy belated New Year and happy WOYWW from # 2. And thanks, too for the earlier visit.

  17. I had heard about your three kings celebration and hopefully someone is going to blog about it with Flat Susan (a little plastic doll that I sent around the world). Looks different - and I found Christmas here in LA very different from at home in the UK.
    How is the building work going?
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  18. How lucky you are to live in Spain! I haven't made it there yet, but you never know - maybe someday! Good luck on your journaling and mixed media. I haven't been into either of those myself. Sort of stuck on stamping! :D

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33

  19. The salad looks exactly as the one my mom made when I was a child (I don't think she ever makes it now as she and dad are only two, and dad's on a special diet so the salad is waaay to big) I love to see your first plunge into the mixed media... hope you will like the 'messy crafting' and am very curious to see how your first page comes out...!!! Enjoy the process (that's really the most important!) Happy New Year, happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #40

  20. Love your colourful salad! Not sure about the bottle toppers. Enjoy your messy crafty play in 2015 and keep sharing on WOYWW :)

    Happy First WOYWW of 2015!
    Mary Anne (15 - just a lucky coincidence)

  21. Hi, Lisca, it looks like you are having a festive and colorful 2015 so far. Your art journal page in progress looks great. I love book pages used on things. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #65

  22. Happy New Year Lisca!

    I was wondering how you were going to connect Three Kings and potato salad....LOL
    I have ended up with pink cole slaw because all I could find was red cabbage, so I wasn't too surprised at the color of your salad.........looks yummy.

    Your going to LOVE mixed media!!! Looks like you have a fantastic start on your first piece too.

    Thank you so much for visiting me this week and leaving a comment. Sorry I'm so late in returning the visit.

  23. I read about the teats too and went and got some and they are the wrong size, so I am over it too. You can't take them back here in Australia, health regulation act. Now that is one really interesting cake, never seen one like it before. How did you make it? Not sure about the colouring but I do like beetroot actually love beetroot but I am allergic to colourings and some foods. Thanks for sharing your new adventure in mixed media, you are going to totally love it.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #78

  24. Hi Lisca, wow your potato salad looks amazing...must say I have never seen one like this and would love the recipe (might have to do some net searching... Great start to you journal and for trying out mixed media...Nice to read about customs in other countries too. Thanks for visiting my desk, have fun RobynO#31

    1. I'll explain to you how it is done, but not tonight. It's late already and I need to go to bed....

  25. The potato salad does look delicious! I do hope you enjoy your mixed media experiences - it can get messy but the results are so worth it! I love the idea of 3 kings day! In answer to you question about 'Exodus - I did enjoy it but as ever with film makers(in this case Ridley Scott) liberties are taken with the padding out of the story!! I often include a film review of the previous weeks film on woyww. Thanks for your comments! Chrisx

  26. Hi Lisca, Pink potato, now that's different but looks good. You asked about the fabric, I have more tests to do and I was originally looking for something to make a cover for one of my journals but I'm not there yet, more test pieces to follow but will find some use for these too. Wishing you a lovely crafty week, Angela x 39

  27. I watched the video with the bottle teats as well and thought it was great and I would do it plan to have a go at the weekend!
    Jackie 4

  28. beetroot - yummy! that salad would go down a treat in my house. Would you share a recipe please?
    Have fun exploring mixed media, I love it. it's so versatile, and much less restrictive than single medium artwork.
    It's been a while since I scrapbooked with CSI. I'm glad to see they are still running, and maybe I'll join in again sometime soon this year.
    My mum grew up in southern Italy and used to talk about the Epiphany parades. One day I'll get to see one.

    many blessings to you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

  29. Lisca, The potato salad looks scrummy.

    The festival looks fun. It's interesting how different cultures can celbirate different things.

    Enjoy your projects.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #34

  30. Hi Lisca,

    Oh, that potato salad looks wonderful. I love beets and imagine beet juice in potato salad would be great.

    Have fun with mixed media. I've done a bit of it and find it enjoyable and relaxing, especially since there's no real layout when you are creating a background. Just let the page/canvas lead you in the direction it wants to go.

    I will definitely put your name in the hat for a calendar. Thank you for visiting me already!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace Kay (61)

  31. I saw the video on you tube via facebook I'm looking for some cheap ones. The tops of my glue bottles are a disgrace lol. The salad looks lovely. I'm sure you will enjoy mixed media I know I do. Thanks for your visit Anita 56

  32. I don't know about a purple salad?? LOL I have gotten into mixed media too. But it is even more of a mess than card making and scrapping, so don't do it often. But of course have bought all the stuff: gelli print plate, paints, pastes, etc! We are all into this toghether, enabling each other! LOL Thanks for your earlier visit. #59

  33. Loving the pink salad!! Happy New Year to you.
    I think it was Laura Denison who was talking about the teets on glue bottles. I saw the video but not tried it yet. Does it work?
    Good luck with your journal. Thanks for visiting.

  34. I saw that video too. I didn't realize they were so expensive. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. April #55

  35. Sorry I am a bit late - been busy tidying and sorting cupboards ready for house viewing - argh!! I love that pink potato salad bet it was tasty! x Jo

  36. Your potato salad looks delicious, what a gorgeous colour. Sounds a perfect way to welcome in the new year. Good Luck with your new challenge, I shall look forward to seeing how it progresses.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, I am very late catching up this week.
    Hugs Lisax #26