Thursday, 8 January 2015

WELL DONE ! St Peters Hospice scrapbook page

WELL DONE ! St Peters Hospice scrapbook page

I love doing the scrapbook challenges of CSI (Color, Stories and Inspiration). One of their latest case files was this one:
Here is my solution to case file 150, which had subtle Christmassy colors. But as Christmas this year was a non-event for us, I have no photo memories to share. Instead an image of my three colleagues.  
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to ‘get messy’ and to that end I have modestly splashed some paint around on my black page. Well, I’ve got to start somewhere!
I’ve used the Sketchability sketch nr  130. (No idea if it is a recent one but Lynette Jacobs used it and I  liked it, so...)
I’ve used all the colours and quite a few bits of evidence: dots (sorry, I don’t know what Swiss dots are), arrows, a banner, holiday accents, decorative border, a (crooked haha) ribbon, I heat embossed the word ‘lovely’, and there are two pompoms. The testimony is inspired by Bzoink prompt: ”Have you ever seen a dead person”.

The journaling hides behind the photo and can be pulled out. It reads:

“I read through the Bzoink prompt for some inspiration and I came across the prompt: “Have you ever seen a dead person?” That’s a pretty grimm concept but strangely enough it was part of my work. For the last 22 years of my nursing career I worked at a hospice for people with a terminal disease. We help them get on top of nasty symptoms (we specialize in pain control and symptom control) and help the family cope, and we sort out complicated social scenarios. (amongst other things). It is a great job, in a positive atmosphere, full of laughter and joy. Part of my job was being with the patient and their loved ones at the end of the journey. That was an immense privilege, as you can imagine. A very private and emotional time.
During those 22 years I worked alongside these three ladies. Pat Gane on the left, Paula Murphy in the middle and Jan (Janice) Little on the right. Jan was ward sister and recently retired after 35 years in the job. She very deservedly got a Lifetime Award shortly after (autumn 2014) and I feel very proud having worked with such great people.”

This is the hospice I worked at. It's St Peters Hospice in Bristol.

If you’d like to read a bit more about St Peters Hospice, have a look at this link:!prettyPhoto

There is a delightful 5 minute video which is well worth watching. It’s a really lovely place to work.   

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  1. Popped by to say "Hi" for WOYWW but noticed this post! Small world as I live just outside Bristol. Such a small world.
    Thanks for visiting my blog already

    Kyla #13

  2. Just ADORE your journaling - what a beautiful, in more than one sense of the word, place to work. Very privileged to help peeps on their journey - & what a really LOVELY page dedicated to your work mates. I ADORE it & the white paint splats look splendid...just the start of you MMing, I'm certain;)!!!!!!! And isn't Lynnette J a FABULOUS scrapper??!!!

  3. Great layout ! What a lovely way to remember your work friends ! Wishing you a very happy New Year - thanks for your visit Ali #21

  4. Hi, Lisca! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. Thanks for your visit. Yes, I'm in Ontario, Canada and it has been bloody cold! Nothing new for us though. We get through it by complaining about it happily and dressing for it. The house cracked and banged for hours last night until about midnight. It sounded like it was going to crash around our ears. On the news they used the name "frostquake" to describe the phenomenon. It's winter in Canada. What more can I say? Your page is beautiful. I love the ribbon exactly as it is -- it's perfect.Hugs. Nann4

  5. That's a lovely layout - I like the subtle use of colour with the black background. I enjoyed reading your blog - what a very hard but worthwhile job you did and what a beautiful place to work - so interesting to hear about it - thank you for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by my blog earlier, I hope you have a good week,
    Diana #50

  6. A lovely layout and interesting story! By the way swiss dots are small repeated dots ( no idea why they are swiss) practically like polkadots, perhaps aligned in a different way. Happy WOYWW!

  7. Hi Lisca,

    What a beautiful post. The hospice looks like such a beautiful and gentle setting for those that are at the end of their journey. You have a great heart and soul!

    Now on to visit your WOYWW post.

  8. What a lovely place to work! And your colleagues were remarkable. So are you fitting into such a difficult but rewarding job.

  9. Great interpretation of the layout CSI. Love what you have done.
    You had such a worthy career. Hats off to you. I have every respect for nurses of all types but hospice nurses deserve more as you do a wonderful job!