Sunday, 23 March 2014

What I found on top of our front door

What I found on the top of the front door.

There is a little gap between our front door and the ceiling. The other night we found a kitten snoozing on top of the door. When we got up the next morning it was still there. My DH Graham thought it might be 'stuck', but it jumped off as soon as he approached.
 There are a lot of cats living outside our house (we live out in the sticks). They don’t belong to anyone although people in the neighborhood feed them occasionally. They (the cats) breed enthusiastically and there is a tom terrorizing the young females. I think this little one was fleeing an over amorous male.
 The next day we saw the same kitten, who had invited a friend, on top of the garage doors.  What a strange place to sit comfortably. I bet you’ll all come back to me now with stories of strange places that your cat chooses to sit/lie.

I'd love to scrap these photos and I'm waiting for the right color palette to come along at CSI that I follow (Color, Stories & Inspiration).
That's all for now.
Thanks for looking and... keep scrapping!


  1. These cats are real characters ! they turn up in the most unusual places, the ginger one especially, one morning hopped through the window onto the kitchen table ...what a cheek!!! but we luv um realy!!!

  2. wow this is a beautiful post ... I just adore cats , they are such adorable creatures.... great start to your blog ...

  3. I'mm not a cat person (rather a dog one), but it's a lovely post, Lisca :).

  4. Great captures. I am sure you will soon find the perfect color challege to scrap them.