Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 26 June 2018 - T for home again!

Hello lovely people, I'm back! How are you all?
I am happy to be home again after a long road journey through Europe. My last post was in May! How time flies.  

I have many nice places to share with you. I had my iPad with me on my trip but Blogger doesn't go into 'photos' when I ask it to insert an image. So I haven't been able to blog while we were travelling. I'm really sorry. Now that I'm back I shall ask Blogger how to do that. This item will go on my to-do list but there are other things to do. 

We are in the process of moving from the 4th floor to the ground floor (it's much cooler downstairs). We have built a self contained, wheelchair friendly flat for when we are old and grey and won't be able to cope with all those stairs. But why wait until we are disabled? Lets move now, just for the summer so we can stay cool. 

While I was away I have put my Postcrossing on 'non-active', so I have not received many postcards. Just these two:
This one is from the south of Russia. From Krasnodar to be precise. On the back of the card is written where and what it is but I can't read Russian. Whatever it is, it is beautiful architecture and colours. I love it.

The other card is from Taiwan:
It is a horse drawn with ink on paper with the title ' A War Horse' 1941. The artist is HSU Pei-Hong 1895-1953 and it is kept in the Taipei Art Museum Collection in Taiwan. I like that one very much too.

Now for some photos of our journey and a beverage because I can't wait to join the T-gang at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T-party.

One of the villages we stopped for coffee was called Ainhoa. It is a village in the French Basque country in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

It consists of one long street really but it is very pretty.

I found this information about it:

The quaint little village of Ainhoa has just 650 inhabitants and is located in the interior of the French Basque province of Labourd, less than 3 km away from the Spanish border. It was built during the 13th century for use by the nearby Urdazubi-Urdax Monastery and over the centuries has served as a place of shelter for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
The village is formed by a main street full of incredibly beautiful Basque style houses. However, most of the original houses were destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War and the ones that we see today were rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries 

 The largest part of Basque country is in northern Spain, but there is this little bit in France too. The people feel their distinct Basque identity and speak a totally different language.

The names and words on the houses look really weird to me and I don't understand a word of their language. (Luckily they speak English in the coffee shop)
 I love the architecture.

 I found this stone dated 1643:

 So we found the cafe and ordered our coffee. This is inside the cafe:
But we sat outside as it was lovely weather:
As you can see I had a cold glass of beer and we also ordered a Spanish Tortilla (tortilla de patate).(We were only a minute from The Spanish border).

Next week I will show more lovely places we visited. 
So Happy T-Day everyone!
Until next week,


  1. Hi Lisca, I missed you so was happy to see you had posted. I figured you were out and about enjoying traveling.
    I with you stay where it is cooler for sure.
    Nice postcards and I enjoyed the tour your Spanish tortilla looks delicious Happy T Day Kathy

  2. I've missed your posts, Lisca. Welcome back to the T-party!

    Your postcards are wonderful, even when you can't read the descriptions.

    A couple in our congregartion just got back from walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. I don't know which route they took or if they went through Ainhoa. I'll have to ask.

    Lovely pictures of you and hubby on yet another adventure! Thanks for sharing. I don't think I'll be walking the Camino at my age (grin).

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  3. Welcome home and back for T, dear Lisca. I am so impressed with the village of Ainhoa. Those Basque homes are very unique, and even though I don't understand the language, I certainly enjoyed the unique architecture.

    The postcards are lovely, and I also like the horse from Taiwan. I always love the feel of Asian in art.

    Your Spanish Tortilla looks good, and I suspect it was even better with your beer. Thanks for taking us on this tour of Basque houses, sharing your latest postcards, and having a beer with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Bienvenue! I am happy to you back and to be able to enjoy photos of your trip!! Never been to that part of France band now would especially love to see it as Ancestry DNA says the French side of us is most likely from that area. It looks so beautiful. I make a French potato omelette very similar looking to your Spanish version:) Looking forward to seeing more pics. Happy T day!

  5. Glad you are back Lisca. I enjoyed seeing your photos as I have friend walking the Santiago de Compostela this summer. (And I know 2 others who have done it.) It is a beautiful village and I enjoyed seeing it. I can't wait to see more photos from your trip. Hope the move downstairs goes smoothly and happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  6. SO many beautiful places that you visited. The architecture is beautiful from the pictures. I can see why you chose to sit outside at that cafe. What a picturesque view. looking forward to seeing more pictures next week.
    Beautiful pictures. The one from Taiwan is my favorite!
    Happy Tea Day,

  7. Glad you enjoyed your journey, looks like you visited lots of beautiful places. Hope you are comfortable in the downstairs flat, sounds like a great idea.Great postcards, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time on your travels, welcome back! Your postacrds are beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all the fabulous architecture from your travel photos too 😁. A beer and somesspanish tortilla sounds perfect with the hot weather we are having at the moment! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  9. Always love your traveling posts Lisca! We have a split level home and the downstairs is sooo much cooler than upstairs...its amazing. Pssstt... my craftroom is downstairs..YESSS! lol

    You have been missed here at the T party Lisca! I look forward to many happy traveling posts from you!! Hugs! deb

  10. I so enjoy all of your photos! The architecture of the older buildings is wonderful. Loved the postcards too...the Russian building looked like maybe it was covered in mosaic? stunning. happy T day Lisca!

  11. Amazing photos! Great architecture! Phantastic idea with the downstair move ! Such pretty postcards Lisca! We missed you!
    Great to hear from you and great you had such an enjoyable trip!
    Happy T-Day
    Hugs Susi

  12. the russian postcard is so beautiful. Imagine living in that gorgeous blue dacha though I would prefer living there in the Summer and not with all that snow. The sumi-e horse is gorgeous. So much power captured in a few strokes. What a charming village you visited even the plates from the cafe match the architecture. Stay cool. Happy T Day

  13. We are on the look-out for a ground-floor place for our old(er) age. Testing it for a summer sounds like a great idea :)

    I used to read everything I could find about what the Basque separatists were up to. I love getting to see photos of y'all actually there!

    Happy T Tuesday

  14. It sounds like we are going to be seeing some fantastic photos of your travels. Todays all look so lovely.
    A summer try out for your ground floor is a super idea especially if it is cooler.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  15. How fun! I am so glad you are sharing your trip! So interesting. The food looks good , too! Happy T Day!

  16. my visitor has left and i can make my belated t-day blog tour.
    nice to have you back! with some Food you make my mouth watering... i´m looking Forward to photos of the trip...
    and the postcards you got are awesome and very Special!
    have a great week!

  17. The Russian house reminded me of Dr Zhivago, one of my favourite films. Ainhoa looks to be a beautiful place - glad you got past the language barrier to get your drinks and tortilla! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx