Friday, 21 April 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 April 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello peeps, 
It's Friday! (For those who work) it's nearly weekend!
What have I d one this week that made me smile?

Friday (amongst other things) I planted the chilli pepper seeds that I had bought in Italy last autumn.
I bought three different types with twelve seeds in each. There are Jalapeño, Tabasco and Saltillo.
Some time before I had sewn basil as we can't find fresh basil very easily. I love to make my own pesto.
They have come up well:
Saturday was a busy day. I had ordered two legs of lamb. One for us and one to give to the church. All the shops had been closed for Holy Week, so Saturday would be very busy at the butcher. I got up early so I would be at the door at 9 when the butcher opens. There were already 7 people in front of me in the queue! The Spanish don't use the tickets. I just ask who was the last person to come in and then I just keep an eye on that person. It works very well.

I cooked this one in the oven with potatoes and the other one in the slowcooker with mint. I spent the whole day in the kitchen. Saturday is usually my baking day anyway. I made two chocolate cakes and a quiche.
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the cakes...

On Easter Sunday we went to church. Our pastor did a great talk. After church we had agreed to have a communal meal (our church is very small) and everybody cooks something and shares it. It gets put onto a large table and then we all help ourselves to what we want. A 'bring-and-share'.
There were rice dished, pasta dishes, chicken, salad, and my quiche. All lovely stuff.The smaller table at the back holds the cakes and deserts, and the mugs for the coffee. (my choc cake is still in the container).

The pastor did a special little feature about the 'last supper' and explained about the Jewish Passover and how it might have been in Jesus' days. So we had a little table with the meat and the unleavened bread and the bitter herbs. And of course the wine.
That was what I needed the lamb for. I cut it up in smaller portions and we all had some. 
Here we are sat at the table:
 One of the girls brought her ukelele. We had fun singing popular songs. One lady called Loli wanted to sing the Elvis Presley song 'I can't help falling in love with you'. So hubby helped her work out the chords for that.
Soon we were all singing the song and hubby took Loli in a ballroom hold and did a little dance.

Then in the evening we had house church in our village and we repeated to them what we had learned that day and we ate some more lamb!
All in all it was a very blessed Easter celebration which I shall remember for a long time.

Monday is a normal working day in Spain (after all they have had most of Holy Week off). So I got up early to go to the local doctors practice to have my bloods done, then straight to the gym which is on the other side of the village, so I really walked my 10,000 steps today. That in itself made me smile!

Tuesday is always a busy day, but I don't mind because we always meet up with a friend for lunch. Always at the same restaurant. We have been doing that for several years now. We get home at 4:30 and then at 5 I go to my embroidery group, until 7. At 7:30 we have a prayer meeting and when we get back home at 9, I first phone my mum in Holland before we have our supper. I phone mum 3x a week and it is always nice to have a chat. 

Wednesday I spent time at the computer to try and book flights to Holland and the ferry to the UK this summer. For some reason it would always go wrong at the last minute and the payment would not go through. So frustrating. I had to phone Brittany Ferries to book the ferry. That is now done. Hurray, big smile!
Then for the flight to Holland I had to phone the booking office, but I use Skype to phone and I can't phone premium lines, so I had to find the landline of the company. It turned out to be a landline in Luxembourg! So my flight is now booked! And yesterday I phoned my mum again and told her I would come to see her on her birthday and stay a week! She was over the moon!

Also yesterday I drove our new car for the first time on my own. I went to the hospital to have a mammogram. It was an easy drive of about 16 km. I parked in the (empty) overflow car park. No problem! Piece of cake! I only stalled it once! Lol!

That was my week. And it was a good week. Lots of smiles. Please tell us what made you smile this week and join us at Annie's A Stitch In Time or tell us how your week has been at Virginia's Rocking Your World Friday.

See you there!
Keep smiling!


  1. What a lovely week full of smiles you have to share today Lisca. You sound to live in a wonderful community and enjoy your together times. Where in England do you visit?
    Hope this week is filled with more smiles.
    Annie x

    1. We start in Cheshire (Congleton, Macclesfield) then south to Bristol, then a week in Barnstaple Devon and finally some time in Windsor. We will probably be staying in the UK for a month. The whole month of September. Whjere are you? Shropshire I believe.

  2. Ah that sounds like a very busy week. I remember doing a walk of witness when I was around 16 on Palm Sunday, we walked from my church all the way to Roche Abbey - we started at about 10am and finished early evening, we then had a mini bus back to another of the churches and had a passover meal, eating the unleavened bread and lamb and bitter herbs. We had mass at various stations along the route in the day and carried a huge cross between us. It really was an amazing day! Your post brought back some great memories. Your church seems to have got it sussed on the sharing table - that makes utter sense and everyone gets to enjoy! Glad you are getting to grips with the new car, having driven hubbies car for the first time recently I know what you mean about daunting - his has ABS breaks - mine doesn't it proved interesting in both cars! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful and rich week. Life sounds good! I find it interesting how they close everything down during the week before Easter. That would never happen here in the US. People want to make money more than anything. Ugh. What a society. happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  4. Looks like you've been busy again. It's so nice to see people enjoying each others company, a real community spirit. I see you are doing a little gardening too, looks like we have all had the same idea recently. Hope you're weekend is good. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  5. Wow, what a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Your meal looks amazing, I loved seeing your photos :-) . Your chilli's and basil look wonderful too. Sounds like you've had another productive week full of smiles, with lots to look forward to. :-) . Wishing you a lovely weekend! J :-)
    p.s. If you are planning to come up this way (Macclesfield is not that far for St.Anne's on the Sea) then let me know and I'd be more than happy to send you any information you need about Alices Tearooms etc. J x

  6. Hi Lisca, what a wonderful week you've had - apart from the trip to the doctor and the mammogram (both necessary but no much fun). The photo of your husband dancing with Loli is especially lovely. Hope you have a wonderfully smiley weekend. Elizabeth xx

  7. What a happy week Lisca! I like all your Easter celebrations. One of our priests does a Maundy Thursday service when they share the last supper and he washes everyones feet (or hands), but i don't usually get over there for that one. Your butchers works the same way as ours, as does the doctor, the market stalls and anywhere else where a queue forms.
    I am glad you are getting to grips with the new car. Kate x

  8. What a wonderful way to spend Easter Sunday - having a potluck dinner with your congregation. Love the picture of your hubby dancing with Loli! That's a keeper - both the picture and him - lol.