Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 19 November 2019 - T for hotels, olive oil and chocolates

Hello lovely ladies,
Here we are again on Tuesday morning. Today we join the T-Party at Elisabeth and Bleubeard's!
Please join us with a blogpost with a beverage in it.

First of all let me show you some postcards I received this week. This black and white photo comes from the US. It is a photo from 1905.
"In this 1905 photo. two guests relax in rocking chairs as they take in the view from the east porch and main entrance to El Tovar. (Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection)."
 On Wikipedia I found another photo of what it looked like in those days:

And it still exists, and here is a more recent photo:

The second card comes from Canada. It shows a geological site called Joggins Fossil Cliffs, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a 689 ha palaeontological site along the coast of Nova Scotia (eastern Canada), have been described as the “coal age Galápagos” due to their wealth of fossils from the Carboniferous period (354 to 290 million years ago).
And amazingly, the stamp had the same image!

Sunday after church we went to a local bar to have our customary coffee and Baileys. (My qualifier for the T-Party).
They had these lovely little olive oil bottles on the bar. 
I really liked those and I asked the owner's wife where I could buy one. She said that they weren't for sale.

 She must have noticed my disappointment because 5 minutes later she presented me with this:

Isn't that sweet of her? I tried to give her some money for it but she wouldn't have it. 

The weather has deteriorated big time. It even rained yesterday! It doesn't rain very often here so all the farmers are rejoicing.

Hubby has had to bring all his aloe veras inside. They are on the stairs now. And one of my neighbors gave me this large plant. It has large lily like flowers. I don't know what it is called. (does anyone know?)

Our local photoclub has organised an end-of-year exhibition. We were asked to take turns in manning it. It was my turn on Thursday. My companion had brought a box of chocolates!
This is a corner of the exhibition, which shows the photo I took of my mum (on the left).
Then another friend turned up with a plate of crepes and a pot of Nutella. It was a very fattening evening.

That is it for today. I'm going to link up now. 
I will try to comment as soon as I can but I'm out all day on Tuesdays and I can't use my phone for comments. I have to wait until I get home and use my desk top. So be patient and I will get back to you at some stage.

Wishing you a happy T-Day,

PS. I just saw my little knife on Elisabeth's salad page:


  1. Hi Lisca, I enjoyed seeing your postcards-that is neat that the card and stamp match on that one.
    That must have been a nice event display your photos-and good eats too-how sweet you were gifted the olive oil bottle-I love it too
    Happy T Kathy

  2. Love the ole US postcard of the peaceful log cabin, and just rocking away on the porch. How sweet that you were gifted with that olive oil bottle- I love it! Nice to see your photos, and oh my, yes, yummy yet fattening foods to tempt one:)
    Happy T day!

    Good for the much needed rain in your parts! I really enjoy a rainy day - just not every day:)
    And you do have the same knife

  3. I always enjoy your post cards. We have been to the Grand Canyon and maybe sat there. It was over 40 years ago. I love the photo you took of your mom; precious. That was very nice of the lady to give you that bottle. Nice place. Happy T Day!

  4. Lisca it’s always lovely to see your postcards, I love the Grand Canyon ones, especially as the building is still the same.
    A lovely bottle for your Olive oil, we were going to have fancy bottles of oil with different herbs in them when we first moved in our villa, until we realised that the kitchen is really not big enough and not enough cupboard spaces either for them.
    I love that everyone turned up with food, looked like fun.
    Have a great week, Jan x

  5. I bet it was hard times back then, but also happy ones?
    I love starting my mornings seeing happy faces, thank you :-)
    Oh, and how nice you got this olive oil bottle! So wonderful there are still people like this out and about!
    Reminds me of a taxi driver who helped us out in Cairo and didn´t want any money, either. Sadly this was pre-internet, so no contact.
    Am I glad I don´t like sweets ;-)
    (But the salty stuff is as fatty!)
    My phone cannot go online, either.
    My knive is green - isn´t it lovely we have all those colors these days!
    Happy T-Day.

  6. That first postcard is unbelievable. It's great that the place is still there and looks basically the same. The second postcard was really interesting to me. I found it fascinating that all those fossils were associated with the Pennsylvania coal pits. Reminds me of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California. Fossils are still being found there, too.

    Your mother's photo is beautiful. So glad they showed it. Looks like you had fun and lots to eat with friends who were there working, to.

    That's a beautiful plant. I think it's the same one CJ has two of. I want some of that aloe vera. Mine all died, if you can believe it.

    Your Baileys and coffee looks great and that olive oil jar is quite beautiful. So sweet of the lady to give you an empty one. Thanks for sharing your postcards, your volunteering day, your KNIFE like the one in the picture, and your coffee and Baileys with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. Love the vintage postcard, so interesting. And the 2nd one with matching stamp is great, too. Glad you got that little bottle, how kind of the lady to give it to you. And you certainly didn't go hungry while manning the exhibition, great! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. Wonderful postcards and stamps Lisca. That olive oil bottle is great looking: that was very nice of her to give you. The exhibition looks nice. Happy T-Day!

  9. I am interested in that postcard from Canada Lisca as I would love to go to that beach. It is on my wish list, maybe one day. And that is a really is a lovely gift. I bet it will look pretty in your kitchen. And its nice to see your Mom's photo again, and boy, that's a lot of snacks. Hope you're having a fantastic T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. Such interesting postcards this week and as always I love the postage stamps. I may have to just have the Baileys as I don't drink coffee ...lol 😉. That was so nice of the local bar owner to gift you the bottle too. Sending you Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  11. Really lovely photos and to think how buildings stand so many years later is amazing. The bottle looked lovely and the lady was so kind, it must have been a surprise for you when she gave it to you.
    The photo display looked good, and so did your mum's photo.
    Sorry I cannot help with the name of the plant.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  12. That's the perfect thing for drinking coffee out of :) -a much better size than the huge mugs which is most of what I see. How kind of her to gift you the olive oil bottle. I just use the bottle oil comes in, but I'm sometimes tempted to pick up a smaller, more attractive bottle like that one :) We're having warmer (highs at 60F or so) and sunny these few days, but it won't last. I'm sure we'll be experiencing rain like yours soon. That plant has striking leaves! I imagine it's gorgeous when in bloom. That exhibition is a wonderful opportunity. Sweet!

    Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Fun to see a past image and a recent image of the same place. Doesn't look like much has changed. I'd love to sit in the rocker on that wide porch. The olive oil bottle is very pretty. That was so nice of the lady to gift you with a bottle of your own. Chocolates and nutella with crepes what a delicious way to man the exhibit. Happy T Day

  14. Very interesting postcards, stamps and info this week, Lisca.

    That is a lovely olive oil cruet and a touching gesture gesture by the owner's wife. I wonder what the story behind them is.

    I have a ceramic knife like that. Aren't they great?

    Belated Happy T-day! Eileen xx