Friday, 15 November 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 15 Nov 2019 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies, How lovely to see you here again. It is Friday and time to join Anny with the smiles of our week. 
I always start with some postcards I have received this week. The first one comes from Germany. This cheeky lady made me smile.
 I am a bit baffled by the written words. I read: 'Lesen bildet' which means: reading educates. But it says 'pildet' with a P. I don't know that word. Any German speakers who can help me out?
The stamps are pretty and floral.
 My second card comes from Hongkong. It features the market place at night. A great photo.
 The stamps show two different children's stories: The tortoise and the hair and The little engine that could.

So, what have I been up to this week? Well, Friday evening we went out with our friends and we had pizza.
You can guess the name of the pizzeria was La Gondola.
On Saturday we usually go to Intercambio, a group of Spanish and English speaking people that want to improve their language skills. So we socialize and help each other/correct each other and practice pronunciation. One of our members had a birthday that day and someone had made a lovely cake:
 As the room we were in was unheated and it was cold, we decided to continue at the bar.  

We had a drink and in our province you get a free tapa with your drink. Our tapa was the Spanish equivalent of a bacon butty, only in this case there was Serrano ham in stead of bacon.

Sunday the weather deteriorated.
 And hubby decided to bring his aloe vera plants inside as there was snow and gale force winds forecast. We put them on the stairs.
Monday was still cold. I go to the gym at 9 in the morning and it was freezing! Here you see us ladies doing our stretches with jackets and scarves on!

Luckily on Tuesday the sun shone and hubby and I went to the local market. We went early to make sure our favorite cheese wasn't sold out. And we also bought nuts and fresh dates. Here I am paying for my purchase:
Then we went to a local bar to have a Spanish breakfast: tomatoes on toast!
Wednesday afternoon my friends came round to do some simple craft stuff.
We folded tiny gift boxes out of old Christmas cards or pretty card stock.
Our local photo club is hosting a week long exhibition. We take it in turns to 'man' the venue. Last night it was my turn. My companion had brought some chocolates. (No we did not eat the whole box!)
That's it from me. I will post a few funnies at the end like I always do.
Have a great weekend and...
Keep smiling!


  1. Wonderful postcards and stamps. Lovely photos. It definitely looks cold there, especially with you ladies wearing coats while inside at the gym. Your funnies were good. I loved the ghost one best. It's very fitting, because it turned cold where I am too. It "warmed up" today, and will again tomorrow, then the weekend will turn unseasonably cold again. Then next week we "warm up" again.

  2. What a lovely week you've had filled with smiles. Coats and warm clothing for your exercises?...I never imagine it being that cold where you live.
    Love the funnies esp the frozen to death ghost :-)
    Annie x

  3. Ah bless, I thought you were in Venice from the photo in the restaurant and I was wondering how you were outside as Venice has had its worst flooding and presumably rain in years!

    You seem to have had a busy week, I love the little snippets of life from Spain and you definitely seem to have made the most of it!

    Loving the funnies at the end as always - have a great weekend.



  4. Lovely postcards. The second one reminded me of the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I loved going to it.
    I envy your intercambio group. I wish ours was still running.
    It is obviously much colder up with you than it is here. We ate lunch outside twice this week and it was really warm,but we do wrap up to settle down for the evening.
    I hope you managed some good exhibits in the camera club exhibition.
    I love the frozen ghost.
    Here's hoping you get some more sunshine this week. Kate x

  5. The pizza looks delicious. And the cake is a work of art. Those low clouds and fog make for a mysterious-looking landscape. You got a wonderful photo there. Y'all have a lot of aloe vera, and they look wonderful lining your stairway, though I'm sure they'll be happy to get back outside once weather permits. I trust that'll be soon :)

  6. Hi Lisca, sorry I'm so late. Your post is so interesting and I enjoyed reading about the cards, the cold weather and your week. The boxes are a lovely way reuse cards - and they will be perfect packaging for small Christmas gifts. That's an impressive collection of aloe plants on your staircase. It's cold here too - below zero start of the day. I'm still laughing at your funnies - the one with the toilet rolls is really odd. Have a good week ahead. Elizabeth x