Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tursday 25 Oct 2016 - T for a good time

Hello peeps,

I've been away on a Christian Women's conference on the Costa del Sol (Fuengirola). Five girls in a car! Can you imagine what fun we had. 
Here we are just messing about (I'm the one with the orange boa). The title of the weekend was "Es Posible" (it is possible). 

We slept at someone's house in Mijas Pueblo, a nearby village. I nearly fell over when I saw it!
I shared a room with two other girls and this was the view from our room:

It's Tuesday again and I will link up with Elizabeth and Buebeard at Altered Book lover. Please join us with a blogpost that has something drink related in it. I haven't taken any photos of the conference with drinks in it (my phone had run out of juice).
But I did take a picture of Sunday lunch at Antonia's:
Me and the two friends that I shared the room with plus our husbands (well my hubby is taking the picture so he is not in it).

It's mushroom time here and I would like to share some photos that friends from the photo club have made. (No, I'm not that good).

We still haven't had any rain to speak of. A few minutes of drizzle doesn't count. It has been more than six months!

That's it from me today. I have visitors from Holland, so I'm going to call it a day.
Happy T-Day! And a fab week ahead!

Friday, 21 October 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 Oct 2016 Short and sweet

Hi folks,
A short one today as I will be leaving at lunch time to go to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for a Christian Women's Conference. I'm greatly looking forward to it. There will be 5 of us travelling in the car. It's more than 3 hours by road and we are going to have a lot of fun!

My postcard, that arrived last week, is by famous Finnish illustrator Inge Löök. The person that sent it to me had bought it at a postcard fair in Finland where this lady was selling her cards. So he got it signed as well for me. How cool is that! 

The 'Aunties' are having a fun evening in by the fire. We have evenings like that too. The stove even looks like ours. They are having coffee and liquors and profiteroles it looks like.... Yummm. They always make me smile.
The stamp is also worth showing:

I'm going to link in with Annie at A Stitch In Time. We do Friday Smiles, where we post something positive, something that made us smile.

Here are some funnies I dug up:

And if I have already posted this one on another occasion, then you know why....
And what about this one? Does it ring true?
I wish you all a very lovely weekend and a good week ahead with lots of smiles.

Hugs and blessings,

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 18 Oct 2016 - T for fish & chips and medieval market

Good morning folks! 

It's Tuesday again! 
Time to link up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard at Altered Book Lover, where we can all join in as long as there is something drink related in the picture. 

The qualifying photo I want to share with you was taken a couple of weeks ago when we were in the UK. We took our grandchildren to the park and for a walk. They were very good and we treated them to fish and chips and a carton of juice. (The girl in the photo is our lovely Irish daughter-in-law)

Back here in Spain, in our village, there has been a medieval market this weekend. They come every year around this time of year. The stalls in this photo show large birds. There are beautiful owls and birds of prey and one vulture. 

There are lots of craft stalls with jewellery and handmade wooden toys etc.

The stall with the cheeses and salamis is very popular.

All the surrounding streets have colourful banners, some people are wearing Jacobean clothes, there is joustng and re-enactments. Oh yes, and a donkey or pony ride. Fun for the whole family. 

My postcard today is one from Bristol. The city in England where I spent 22 years of my life. The old (and posh) part of town is called Clifton. There are some awesome old houses there, in the Edwardian style (think Jane Austen). This Royal Terrace is not as beautiful as the one in Bath (which is circular), as this one is just curved. But nonetheless it is very nice don't you think?

I have several nice things to look forward to. On Friday I will be traveling to Fuengirola on the south coast for a Christian Women's Conference. I'm really looking forward to it. When I come back on Sunday my friend from Holland (and her man and the dog) will be visiting for a few days. Again, something to look forward to. 

They will be the last guests of the summer, so we can then take the bed out of my craft room and put my desk back. Hopefully I will get my craft mojo back. I don't know where to start.... Scrapbooking? Card making? ATCs? Dare I start an art journal? Or shall I stick to digital creations and learn more about Photoshop? How about drawing? Zentangling? I don't know, but I'll show you as soon as I have done something. 

Wishing everyone a happy T-Day,
And a good week ahead.


Friday, 14 October 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 14 Oct 2016 - Friday Smiles

Hello peeps! 

I'm back again. We came back Monday from a few weeks in the UK visiting family and friends. I haven't really got many photos as it was a family thing. 

But as this is about smiles and positive things, I can share a really good day during our stay.

We celebrated a combined birthday: the twins' 40th, end of August, one grandson's 11th birthday that week and my hubby's 70th coming up soon. As all our children live spread out north and south, we decided to find a venue somewhere in the middle and settled for Tropical Birdland outside Leicester. We bought a package that included the birthday party and food, entrance to the park, a guided tour, feeding and handling the birds and a framed souvenir photo. We even got party bags. But the weather was foul. 

Luckily in England the children (and also the adults) are well prepared with rain gear and wellie boots. We all really enjoyed it.

We really enjoyed the interaction with the birds themselves. There was an area of 'free flying' birds and we could handle them and some of us had three or more birds perched on their person.

This bird was a little disappointed that it didn't have anything to groom on my hubby's head!

It was my husband's dearest wish to have all his children and grandchildren around him, and that happened. Although one person was missing who should have been there. A son, who was in Washington (USA) somehow missed his flight to London. Such a shame, but hubby had a long phone conversation with him once he did get back the the UK.

Another highlight of our stay in the UK was a stay in our caravan in Devon. We have a caravan which we leave on a lovely site in North Devon. The camp site was due to close for the winter so we went there with the excuse of cleaning the van and putting her 'to bed' for the winter. The weather was lovely, mild and dry, so we really enjoyed the rest.

My postcard for this Friday is one I received from Germany. It was in my postbox when we arrived home:

It is entitled 'The Mechanics', a photo by Martin Langer and released by Nouvelles Images. I love cards made by Nouvelles Images.

To keep with the British theme, here is a last funny:
I hope you have all had a lovely week, and I will see you hopefully at Annie's Friday Smiles. I'm also going to link up with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday to read all about her week.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 11 Oct 2016 - I'm back!!

Hello lovely peeps, 

We got back yesterday in the night (at 3:30) after spending two weeks in the UK to see family and friends. I'm still in the process of unpacking and generally getting organized.

As it is Tuesday, I', going to link up with Elizabeth at T For Tuesday. Anyone can join in the party, as long as you have a drink somewhere featured in your blog post.
This is my contribution:
Here I am in Bath, an ancient town in England (it dates from Roman times, and is known for its Georgian architecture). We used to live near Bath and I love shopping there. We were hungry and sat down to have coffee and a Cornish pasty.
Pasties are savoury. In Cornwall the miners used to take a home made one for lunch down the mine. 
My hubby is pulling a funny face but he really loves pasties too!

Now for my card of the day. This is one that I have sent myself at some stage:
This is how the girls dress when there is a fiesta in our region. So pretty, don't you think? Horses are very popular in Andalucia and dressage is what they are best at. The writing translates: Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art.

There was a whole pile of postcards in our postbox, but I haven't scanned them in yet. Next time I will show you one I received.

That's all from me today.
Happy T-Day all of you,
Have a good week,

Monday, 26 September 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 27 Sept 2016 - T for flights to England

Hi gang! When you read this I will either be in the UK or on our way. I'm writing this on Monday evening as we are leaving at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to drive to Malaga airport, to catch a 10:30 flight to the UK.  Whoopee! Our cases are packed, my clothes for tomorrow are ready. All I need to do is get some sleep (or try to as I am too excited to sleep).

The card I am showing today is a card I sent to someone in the early days of Postcrossing. It is the card with the most 'favorites' of all the cards I have sent.

Pretty isn't it. I can't remember who the artist is I'm afraid...

We've had a busy week last week. Tracey, my stepdaughter, came for a three day flying visit. Of course we try to pack in as much as we can in 3 days and we also threw a party for her as it has been her birthday the end of August. (Any excuse for a party). I posted photos on my Friday blog. Go and have a look if you are interested.

Our friends from church have been away and brought me a lovely necklace, which was hand-made in Thailand. They make necklaces to keep the girls from going into prostitution. A very worthy cause i would say.
The brown beads I recognise to be tiger eye. I don't know what the turquoise is. 

I'm going to leave you with the sunset from our terrace a few days ago:

I am going to link up with Elizabeth at Altered Booklover. But I won't be able to do any comments. I know airports usually have wifi but I don't know how to do things like that on my tablet. (oh dear I'm such a luddite!).

Happy T-Day,
Have a good week you'all,
Many blessings, see you in a couple of weeks!

Friday, 23 September 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 23 Sept 2016 - Friday Smiles

Hi folks! Are you all smiling?. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.

Today I have a few smiles to share with you. The big smile for me today is the fact that my stepdaughter is visiting. We drove to Malaga airport to collect her. She arrived at midnight, so it was a late night last night. (It's 3 hours' drive so we didn't get to bed until 4 a.m!). 

This morning we slept late and after brunch we went for a walk in the country to collect figs and wild grapes and whatever nature threw up at us.
These are prickly pears. We didn't pick those as they have barbs on them that hook into your fingers. Nasty!
We did get loads of figs! Fresh figs straight from the tree are delicious! Here Tracey is just clowning about.

This is our haul! Ready to be made into jam!

The postcard for today is a funny one. A typical British seaside card. Remember the saucy cartoon drawings? I don't think they sell those anymore but I received this one as a gift from a blog friend (Angela Radford):
I hadn't noticed the bag of cement immediately, had you?

I'm going to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles. Will you join us? Sorry Annie that I was AWOL last week...

Here are a few funnies that I found on the internet:
This one needs to be read out aloud, (because I thought 'who the heck is Philippe P....?')

And this kitty is enjoying his breakfast!

How about also heading for Rocking Your World Friday, where Virginia shares her week with you. That's where I'm going to link up after Annie's Friday Smiles.

 I hope you all have a fun weekend and a positive week ahead,