Friday, 20 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday Smiles - Friday 20 July 2018

Hello lovely peeps,
Have you had a good week? Plenty to smile about? I have, but I haven't taken any photos....

What I do have is postcards. A whole week of nothing and then all of a sudden I get seven in my mailbox! One of them was in a large envelope with lots of interesting looking stamps on it:
It's from Ukraine. After some digging I found out that the round 'coins' are not coins but they are State signets of Ukraine. Here is some info in case you are interested:

The 'coin' on the top left is the Signet of Ukrainian Central Council , and the bearded gentleman is Mykhailo Hrushevskyi (1866-1934). He was a Ukrainian and Soviet academician, politician, historian, and statesman, one of the most important figures of the Ukrainian national revival of the early 20th century. (Wikipedia)

Top right you can see the Great Signet of Ukrainian People' Republic with Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880-1951). He was a Ukrainian statesman, political activist, writer, playwright, artist, who served as 1st Prime Minister of Ukraine. (Wikipedia)

Then bottom left is the Draft of the Signet of the State Secretaryship of Ukrainian State - Pavlo Skoropadskyi (1873-1945). He was a Ukrainian aristocrat, military and state leader, decorated Imperial Russian Army and Ukrainian Army general of Cossack heritage. (Wikipedia) 

and bottom right is the Signet of the Directory of Ukrainian People's Republic - Symon Petliura (1879-1926). He was a Ukrainian politician and journalist. He was the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Army and the President of the Ukrainian National Republic during Ukraine's short-lived sovereignty in 1918–1921, who led Ukrain's struggle for independence following the fall of the Russian empire in 1917..(Wikipedia)

This is the delightful card:
Oksana writes that her country is big enough to have cultural differences between the regions, and therefore different national costumes.

History lesson over. What have I done this week? Nothing really interesting. We have not been out as it is too hot to go anywhere. 

On Sunday we celebrated the birthday of a lovely lady who has Down's syndrom. She is now in her late 50s and she loves photos and bracelets. Everyone gives her bracelets and I try to do something with photos. I had a small kit lying about to make a little photo book. So I quickly put a little thing together:
There were 8 pages in total. Here she is opening her present:
Now for some funnies:

Have a lovely weekend all of you,
Stay safe and keep smiling,

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - T for... more Denmark with beer

Hello lovely peeps, how are you all? I'm sorry that I didn't do many visits last week. Tuesdays is always awkward for me as we are out of the house all day . I'll try better this week.

It's Tuesday so how about joining the T-Party called T for Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's. All you need to do is share a beverage.

Today we celebrate our 5th anniversary! So Happy Anniversary T-Gang!

My beverages today come from Denmark (again). We visited the island of Moen where we stopped for lunch at a nice looking place:

 As it was nice weather we chose to sit ourside.
 Our Danish friends did the ordering (neither of us speaks any Danish). My hubby ordered stout and I wanted a malted beer.
 This is what arrived:
 The stout turned out to be liquorice flavoured stout. Hubby does not like liquorice so we swapped.
 It was delicious! And this was my lunch.And what is that yellow stuff in the little dish?
 It was an egg yolk. Don't ask....
 This is a little church we walked passed and of course I wanted to go inside.
 The organ.
 All the Danish churches we have seen so far have had ships hung up.
 This is where the preacher would stand.
 This is part of the organ.
 Another view of the ship.
This wooden structure houses the church bell. Sorry, it is not very visible.

I haven't got a postcard for today. I didn't receive any and I didn't send any either. (Must do better)

That is it from me today.
Have a fab T-Day,

Friday, 13 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 13 July 2018 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely peeps,

Today I want to share my smiles of this week, and there have been many. 

First of all, one of the postcards I received this week is this one from Germany:
It features the traditional costume of Schwarzwald (Black Forest). It was sent to me by Isabell who lives there. I think those hats are wonderful and so very colourful. They made me smile.

The next card is one I sent myself. I love the colour combination on the wings of this butterfly. As I have already sent the card I can't give you the name of the butterfly.

I had many other smiles when my sister and her hubby visited for a few days. They normally divide their time between the UK (Cheshire) and Spain (Costa del Sol) as they have two properties. They are in Spain until it gets too hot and too busy with tourists. So before they leave next week, they came down here, which is a three hour car journey.

They hadn't seen the new ground floor flat yet and of course they were impressed how cool it was.

We played with their selfie stick just behind our house:

I took many more photos but I don't know how to get them from my phone to my computer. (These two were on Facebook)
We also went to the lake, which in reality is turquoise. (I'm second from the left)

And I'd like to end with some funnies. These are all signs on a shop.
 Apparently this place really exists in Canada and the name is really Sorry. 

I hope this put a smile on your face.

Have a lovely weekend and take care,

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 10 July 2018 - T for bottles

Hello lovely peeps! It's Tuesday again and time to join the T-Gang with a beverage. Well, I have plenty of those today, of the alcoholic kind...

I want to share some more photos from our trip to Denmark:

Off the island of Moen (red on the map),

 lies the tiny island of Nyord, connected to Moen with a causeway. The island of Nyord has been kept in the traditional style, no cars allowed (only residents) and it all has an oldie worldie kind of feeling. Here is another map with Moen top right and Nyord just northwest of that.

One of the old buildings was a distillery:
Our friends wanted to go in there to buy some Limoncello. I kid you not, I have never seen so many bottles in my life!
They were doing good business. It was difficult to get a photo without any people in it.

The also sold t-shirts and crafted articles.
I think the limoncello (or something like that) was in this corner. Our friend made a coctail consisting of: half limoncello, half champagne and crushed ice in a glass. We had it that evening and it was delish!
I think the glasses were for sale too.
We didn't go upstairs, but perhaps there would be more bottles!?
I like the little sayings with play on words. This one can not be translated.
Enough beverages for now. I don't want to get the whole T-Party drunk!

Of course I also did some cards this week. I haven't received any as I have not been sending any, so I got busy writing some yesterday. This is an image of a poster made by Alphonce Mucha, the .Moravian artist, 
I can't remember what it is called as I have already posted it.

The next card is our national dish (well, here in the south anyway). Some people ask for food pictures of the national dish. Paella is a rice dish made in a large flat pan. It has meat (usually rabbit) as well as fish and seafood in it.
The Valencians claim it to be their dish. And they make it very well indeed. But it is made all through Andalucia too.

So I will leave you with the paella and lots of booze as I go visit Elisabeth and Bluebeard at Altered Book Lover.

Have a good week and stay sob... I mean safe.



Friday, 6 July 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 6 July 2018 - Friday smiles

Good morning all,
Sorry I’m late but I still have problems blogging on my tablet. I have been taking photos with my new phone which is an iPhone and is connected with my iPad. But again Blogger ignores all those photos and I can’t use them. My desk top is in the other flat so I am using my hubby’s old laptop at the mo. I am definitely going to look for a different blog ‘provider’ or whatever they are called.

Let's start with some postcards:
 This first one is an image of the church in Baza, the little town we leave near. The next one is called 'Autumn Bird' by artist Maria Segurina.
These are cards I sent this week, as I have received almost nothing.

Last week was the last of the gym sessions as it now becomes too hot to do anything. The gym is a simple structure with a tin roof. Say no more.
We were all given a new t-shirt (a different colour every year) and we posed for the yearly photo. I then print one out for everyone and when we go out for dinner a week later I hand them out.

I will leave you with a few fun postcards by Inge Löök.
The famous old ladies, or 'Aunties' are created by Finnish artis Inge Löök. Here she is:

And here is another summery 'Aunties' image that might make you smile:

That is it for today. I'm going to link up with Annie and Virginia. Better late than never.

Have a lovely weekend and a good week ahead.