Tuesday, 15 April 2014



Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by once again. Today I bring you another little glimpse of our life here in Spain.
Yesterday we celebrated our church pastor's birthday  (Pedro). In southern Spain when it's party time we typically cook a paella, a rice dish cooked in a wide shallow pan. 
Paella is ideal party food as it is easy to cook. When we cook for a gathering, a large paella pan is brought in with a burner and the paella is cooked outside.
First the meat (or fish) goes in with the peppers, then water and spices are added and then you get what you see in the photo here:
 When the meat (in this case chicken) is cooked the rice is added. I think I saw 7 packs of rice go in (7 kilos):
Our church is in a large warehouse, and while the paella is cooking we all hang around and chat, our mouths watering with the lovely smell of food. This lot of paella fed 40 people abundantly plus a few dogs as well afterwards.
Here is the birthday boy Pedro with his wife Erika and a helper:
Now the rice is nearly cooked. A few more minutes and Erica will start serving. We all walk past with a plate and she just heaps it on! Yummy!

Eating paella with a large gathering of friends is definitely one of the great things about living in Spain!
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God bless and.... keep scrapping!


  1. wow how fascinating , love the pics and thanks for sharing them , sensational post ... I see you have discovered how to work the side bar, good for you ... the blog is looking fabulous x

  2. Man, this looks totally AMAZING.....YUM...makes me want to fly to Spain pronto!!!

  3. I love to see your traditions in your new adoptex country. Am always fascinated with culture and tradition. It must be wonderful to be active in a faith community.

  4. Ok I am starving and that looks so, so good!! Yummo...lunch time hurry up! LOL :-D