Friday, 5 April 2019

A Postcard A Day - Friday 5 April 2019 - Friday Smiles

Good morning lovely ladies,

How are you all? Today is Friday and I'd like to share some postcards, some paper crafting and some funnies with you. (All of which have made me smile. What about you?)

First off is a postcard from Japan which I really liked. A cute girl swimming among the koi in a kimono. Michiko sent it me. She lives in Tokyo.
 She has used some nice stamps and has put washi tape all around the card.
The top stamp celebrates the 15th International Puppet Festival in 1988.

The second card comes from Russia. I have no information about the artist, but I do like this image in the style of the old pin-ups.
 The stamps are gorgeous and big. The one on the left with the horses is about native horse breeds. This breed being the Vladimir breed.
The middle stamp is a joint issue Thailand/Russia and features state rulers. The right hand stamp is from a series about railway uniforms.

My week has been very routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yesterday being Thursday, I spent the day in my craft room. This time I made some cards. I had received a card that was folded in a certain way. I copied the idea and made three cards of the same design.

 Then in the afternoon I made a scrapbook double page on Kraft paper.
 It is about Juan, one of our friends, who is a professional artist. Our daughter Tracey had celebrated her birthday a short while before coming to Spain to visit us. So we celebrated her birthday again. Our friends clubbed together and paid Juan to create a caricature of Tracey as a birthday present to her. She was delighted with the result.
I have some funnies too for you as usual. You'll find them at the end.

I'm off to Annie at A Stitch In Time and to Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,


  1. Your funnies had me going again especially the pig one.
    My favourite thing is the Japanese postcard it’s beautiful and so dreamy.
    Thanks for showing us Lisca. Enjoy the weekend
    Lynn xx

  2. Ah bless what a lovely post, your postcards are lovely, I love all the stamps, ours seem quite boring these days and costly as the price of second class has just increased to 61p, gulp, Christmas is going to be expensive!

    I love your cards they are beautiful and what a fabulous folded design, I love how different they each look!

    The funnies always raise a smile and I hadn't seen any of them before.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead


  3. Lovely postcards, especially the one from Japan.
    I like your cards and the middle one is my favourite.
    We had the boys caricatures drawn in Covent Gardens when they were young, and I put a copy of them in their idividual scrap books .
    If you want to try flower printing you need a sandwich of two layers of kitchen roll (one if it is a thick one), a sheet of copy paper with the flowers folded inside it, two more layers of kitchen roll, and a think embossing rubber mat if you had one. Then you just have to play around until you get a fairly tight grip through the rollers. The little pansies or violas give the very best results, but i have done it with others as well.
    I was a bit slow on the uptake with a couple of your funnies today, but I got them in the end, and the pig and toilet roll made me smile.
    Have a lovely week. Kate x

  4. Sorry I'm so late calling round today....I've had a really busy day making two more memory bears and then shortened 2 pairs of jeans and sadly work has to come first.
    Love the latest postcards and the cards you've made are really lovely....such a fab design.
    Annie x

  5. Those are beautiful and very unique cards you made, Lisca. Laughed at your last funny and the pig flying, too.

  6. Ooh postcards, now youre talking my language. Love those designs and the stamps too.
    What a great birthday present idea too.
    have a good week
    Gill x

  7. Hi Lisca, looks like I'm on catch-up again. Loving your cards, this is one of my favourite folds. I usually refer to it as a Z-fold though I have heard it called a double fold too. You asked about my parents. They are both home now and mum is making good progress with her hip but very unsteady on her feet but at 90 she's doing okay just wish I could convince her. You also asked what I bought at the club workshop. I got a sentiment stamp, some glittery buttons and some ball tools. Think I as quite restrained really Lol! Loving your postcards and stamps but then I usually do! Loving the dog room too that's very clever. Have a happy creative weekend. Angela xXx

  8. The Japanese postcard is really quite beautiful.And I love the art Lisca. You had a busy and productive day! happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  9. The postcard from Japan is wonderful Lisca, so sweet !! Love the stamps. But your cards are super-Gorgeous and this special design is wonderful !! Great idea ! and great pages too.
    Love the little room of the dog :) so funny !
    Thanks so much for sharing those beauties with us, and I wish you a very nice weekend,
    Big hugs, Caty