Monday, 7 November 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 8 Nov 2016 - T for coffee, wills and Austrian desserts

Good morning T-gang! It's Tuesday again.

Winter has come! The temperatures have dropped and we have had to light the fire. I am sitting by a lovely wood fire as I write this (late Monday night).

On Thursday we went into town as we had an appointment with our lawyer about property paperwork. We thought we'd ask him about our wills while we were there. He told us we can have a will according to the law of your country of residence or according to the law of your country of origin. We have made English wills so my will is no longer valid as I am from Holland and live in Spain! So now I have to make inquiries about Dutch wills. Oh what a palaver!

After we saw the lawyer we stopped at a cafe.
And had coffee
The cup that says 'papelera' is there to put your pieces of paper in (sugar bags, till receipts etc)
And then we had to choose some cake
And decided on carrot cake!
Very yummy it was too. I couldn't have made it better myself!
My sugar bag says: 'A cup of coffee doesn't change the world but it is a good start.'

Talking about sweet things: This is a postcard I received a while ago from Austria:

I don't know what it is. The Austrians are famous for their Sachertorte, but this doesn't look like one. It does make my mouth water whatever it is!

I'm now tempted to raid the biscuit bin! But I'd better not. I'm going to Elizabeth's blog at Altered Booklover to see if I can link in with the T-gang. Please join me with anything drink related. It's great fun.

PS This weekend there was a horse fair in the village, but I will post the photos of that on my Friday blog (as there was not a drink in sight).

Have a wonderful T-Day all of you!




  1. The cafe looks as though someone has sense of humour! It looks like carrot cake was a good choice too! Good Luck with the Will making! Happy T Day Chrisx

  2. This is both a wonderful post, and a shocking one. I can't believe you have to get a will for each country you live in, or your country of origin. It's simply unbelievable.

    Your carrot cake looks wonderful. It's the one I always asked for each year on my birthday, and this looks very yummy.

    That postcard made me very hungry. I think it would be fun to dive into it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful cake and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. SO many things to consider when moving to a different country...but it wouldn't stop me:)
    Lovely café and what a great quote on the sugar bag! That is some impressive dessert on the postcard-one I'd just HAVE to taste. Happy T day!

  4. Yes, we had this same cool weather and some nice little fires too. I think a piece of carrot cake and tea for me would be yummy! Happy T day-hugs-Erika

  5. That carrot cake looks fantastic, as does the sweet treat on the postcard. That sugar bag quote is so right. Have a good week, enjoy sitting by the fire! Hugs, Valerie

  6. What an interesting cafe and the cake looms so yummy

  7. Fantastic looking carrot cake - and for sure we Austrians are Sweeties - lol! This looks like a yummie
    MOHR IM HEMD variation - but I am not quite sure.
    Happy T-Day
    oxo Susi

  8. I always learn something new on T day, making a will is never easy but putting obstacles like country of origin seem unnecessary ones to me. The laws make things so difficult for ordinary folk.
    The carrot cake does look delicious a real treat.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne x
    p.s. We tried the vegetarian paella, but both agreed it is much better made with the meats and fish

  9. Your fire sounds very cosy and warm - lovely :-). Your trip into town sounds worthwhile and it's such a good job you thought to ask about your wills while you were there :-). I would happily join you for tea and carrot cake - delicious! As for the chocolate creation on your postcard - oh my I bet it tastes so yummy :-). Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  10. It's been cooler here, too, but that's meant mid-upper 70s F, lol. Laws differ a lot from country to country, I guess, and I guess that could definitely complicate a will. Your cafe looks like a great lace to have a treat :) Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Things are cooler here too requiring heat in the mornings on some days. Once the sun is out it usually warms up enough to be outside doing things still. Lawyer business is never any fun and always leaves you more puzzled that before. The cafe looks great and the food yummy!!! Happy T Day!

  12. oh what an annoying fuss about the will in different countries!!
    enjoy chocolate instead. i had lots of it last week... on a chocolate Festival:)
    happy t-day!

  13. LOL! Lawyers and their rules and regulations! Hope you get that all sorted out. Guess it will take ages! And your coffee and cake look YUM! I had Lemon Polenta cake today. Reminded me of Italy.... food does take you places, eh? Love that postcard. YUM!!!! Enjoy the cooler days. We had 2 days over 30C this past week. Getting warm here:)

  14. Even wills and lawyers go down better with coffee and cake. It looks delicious.

  15. Goodness...sweet images abound in your post! the carrot cake is quite a generous serving and looks yummy! and one cannot go wrong with anything chocolate...♥

  16. Well Lisca its supposed to be Winter here but so far its not even in sight... 70 degrees F .. almost 80F for the next three days... crazy.. All the leaves still on the trees... not many of them turned...

    What nice big pieces of cake you have there! I look forward to the horse photos!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  17. Yummy goodies. Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx